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Gateway to 7 Sisters

Assam is the only state amongst Seven Sisters, which is huge & well connected with boundaries of all the remaining 6 Sisters……hence it is popularly called as the Gateway to 7 Sisters, as it connects its 6 sisters to mainland India! Assam has 06 airports @ Guwahati | Dibrugarh | Jorhat | Lilabari | Tezpur | Silchar & 03 main railheads @ Guwahati | Dibrugarh | Silchar. Apart from them, the roads too connect comfortably to the neighbouring states. Assam is located at the lower plains of the Eastern Himalayas of Bhutan & Arunachal Pradesh, with the huge Brahmaputra River running along with it. The Seven Sisters of India have a lot to bring to the table to a voyager. It’s time we perceive the miracles of north-east India and set out to investigate it. Its rich social legacy and wondrous engineering wonders make certain to leave any voyager entranced. As you investigate the north-east, you should be aware of its social decent variety and regard the conventions and customs that you may experience. The seven sister states have a plenitude of vegetation and plentiful woodland spread which must be saved.

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